About Us

Who We Are

The Arc Fitness is an online destination for all your fitness needs. From 100% genuine supplements to an exclusive athletic wear line, you will get them all here. We aim to introduce a fusion of comfort and authenticity to your fitness regimes. The Arc Fitness was established by fitness enthusiast Ajay Chaudhary out of his passion for body building. When he had a grip on body building, he perceived that there were too many businesses in the market that sold fake supplements while carrying out unethical practices like not providing a proper bill with every sale and delivering deceived products. Dissatisfied with the state of things, he decided to change things by himself and as a consequence, he came up with The Arc Fitness.

Our Vision

The vision for The Arc fitness, however goes beyond body building and transcends to introducing a healthy way of life. As a brand, our aim is to provide products that exemplify authenticity and comfort. We’re a team of motivated individuals who wish to refine the fitness movement in Pune and take it to the next level. There are too many sellers in this specific market who cheat customers with fraud products, in contrast The Arc Fitness always strives to provide 100% genuine products so as to complement our customers’ varied fitness patterns.

Our Mission

We wish to give top of the range services to our customers and we strive hard to deliver the same. The Arc Fitness was founded because of the love for fitness and we wish to share this passion of ours for a healthy lifestyle by providing the fitness enthusiasts of Pune; with simon-pure supplements and an exclusive clothing line.
We work on 3 basic values: authenticity, customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

The Arc Fitness is based out of Pune and delivers for free within the city.

Why Choose Us

Our priority is authenticity of our products. We guarantee that we stand by our values and priorities. Choose from a range of varied options made available to you and leave the rest to us. You need not worry about the delivery issues, as we have a free and facile returns and replacements policy. We have a free delivery, which makes it even easier for you to choose us!

Unleash your fitness regime with a bang, join the The Arc Fitness family.

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