Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens with Organic Plant Superfood, Wholefood Multivitamin


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  • MADE FROM REAL GREENS : Crafted with an Organic blend of 15+ essential and Alkalising,real greens,straight from the farm,Spinach,Kale,Aloe Vera,Wheatgrass,Brussel Sprout,Spirulina,Chlorella,Broccoli,Ashwagandha,Alfalfa,Moringa,Basil and potent blend of over 30+ antioxidant-rich superfoods including Acai,Blueberry,Turmeric,Cinnamon,Green,Tea,Carrot and many more.
  • EACH TABLET : Delivers 1 Full Serving of Greens and Veggies,30+ Antioxidant Superfoods and 100% Daily Value of all key vitamins and minerals with a concentrated source of daily nutrition. (15 tablets / Tube)
  • RICH IN WHOLE FOOD NUTRIENTS: Each tablet contains Natural and Wholefood derived nutrition- as much Vitamin B12 as 4 Glasses of Milk,Vitamin B6 as 7 cups of Lima Beans,Vitamin C as 6 oranges,Vitamin B3 as 6 Carrots,Vitamin B5 as 15 cups Broccoli,Iron as 2,cups of Spinach,Zinc as 8 cups of Asparagus,Fibre as 1 2 cup Oats. It also contains Calcium,Potassium,Manganese,Selenium. Our greens are dehydrated to retain their nutrients
  • GREENS ON THE GO: For those with a busy lifestyle,packed with potent and rich super greens to give your healthy diet a green boost. Perfect for late morning starts,afternoon slumps and the days you do not eat right. Easy to carry in a Laptop Bag,backpack,Purse or Gymbag
  • Ingredients
    Organic Greens Blend – Spinach,Kale,Aloevera,Wheatgrass,Spirulina,Chlorella,Broccoli,Ashwagandha,Alfalfa,Moringa,Green coffee Extract,Broccoli sprout concentrate,Green Tea Extract,Onion Extract,Apple Extract,Acerola Extract,Camu Camu concentrate,Quercetin,Tomato Concentrate,Broccoli Concentrate,Acai Concentrate,Turmeric Concentrate,Garic Concentrate,Basil Concentrate,Oregano Concentrate,Cinnamon Concentrate,Elderberry Concentrate,Carrot Concentrate,Mangosteen Concentrate,Blackcurrant Extract,Bluberry Extract,Sweet cherry Concentrate,Blackberry Concentrate,Chokeberry Concentrate,Raspberry Concentrate,Bilberry Extract,Brussels Sprout Concentrate. Nutrition Information/Tablet: Fibre-800mg,Vitamin C 400mg,Vitamin B3- 20mg,Vitamin B5- 15mg,Vitamin B6- 3mg,Vitamin B12 0.010mg,Sodium 303mg,Potassium 90mg,Iron-10mg,Zinc- 8mg,Manganese-2mg,Selenium- 0.05mg,Calcium-10mg


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